this is big. this is delivery the way it was always meant to be. is revolutionizing local deliveries and liberating consumers from traditional delivery and time-constrained services. That's freedom.

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who we are

our mission

Store-to-your-door, on-time, cost competitive, same day, from anywhere, to anywhere, with tracking, and no fuss.

our vision

A world where individuals, local communities and cities thrive through the shared economy in a cool, fast, low footprint way.

our manifesto

At, we’re changing the way stuff moves from Point A to Point B. It’s a new day for same day delivery.

Because we believe efficient local delivery is critical to a vibrant local economy. That same day logistics isn’t just about moving stuff around, but the tipping point in helping local economies prosper.

We believe in the strength of real world interactions. That local commerce relies not on “likes” or keyword searches or followers, but on the quality of interaction between individuals and businesses off the grid, and on the streets.

We believe in a sustainable community that takes care of each other and its surroundings. That mindful, cooperative use of its resources is what keeps a city not only functioning, but cohesive and productive.

We believe that well-run local infrastructures requires transparency and understanding. That a city only thrives when there is respect for the contributions of all citizens.

And we believe in the right of every individual for an opportunity to earn a sustainable living. That every job has value, that every contribution is honourable, and that real prestige lies in the self-reliance that comes from an honest day’s work.

This is

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